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     Eggnog and Rubik's Cubes - L/L and R/L - Rated: PG

     Forever Love (Digame) - L/L - Rated: PG

     Happy Anniversary - L/L - Rated: PG-13

     I'll Be There For You - L/L - Rated: PG

     Just to Hear You Say You Love Me - L/L - Rated: PG-13

     Reflections on the Waves - Paris - Rated: PG

     The Day Before - L/L - Rated: PG-13

     The Man That Didn't Get Away - L/L - Rated: NC-17

     There's Always Room for Jello - R/L - Rated: PG-13

     The Scent of Coffee - Rory/Jess - Rated: PG


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