Veronica Mars/Alias - All in a Day's Work

Title: All in a Day's Work
Fandom: Veronica Mars/Alias
Characters: Veronica Mars and Marshall Flinkman (and a brief special guest appearance)
Rating: PG
Author's Note: for jetpackmonkey who requested "Veronica & Marshall, they fight crime". Totally unbetaed. I've also never watched Alias. :)

Veronica entered the van and started unbuttoning her shirt. "Is it ready?" she asked.

Marshall was carefully averting his eyes. "Uh, yeah, here," he said, handing her a small device attached to a thin wire that led to a Breast Cancer Awareness pin.

Veronica tossed her shirt to the side and examined the device. "This looks great," she said, flashing Marshall a grin. "Hand me that tape, please, so I can attach it?"

After he handed her the roll of medical tape, she turned her back and began fastening the device to her stomach, just below her sports bra. She ran the wire up through the bra and left the pin hanging out of the top.

"Hey where'd my shirt go?" she asked, turning around and looking for it.

"Oh, it's right here," Marshall said, handing it to her.

She pulled the shirt back on and buttoned it, pinning the Breast Cancer Awareness pin to the pocket and making sure the wire couldn't be seen. "How do I look?" she asked, holding her arms up and turning around.

Marshall nodded. "Can't tell you're wired," he assured her.

"This device is really comfortable, too," Veronica told him.

He grinned. "It'll also transmit up to a three mile radius and it's set to automatically record."

"Wow, you really went above and beyond. Thanks," Veronica grinned back.

"Just doing my job," Marshall shrugged.


Twenty minutes later, Veronica found herself being shoved in the trunk of a car, sans wire, because someone recognized her and blew her cover. The car started moving and she tried to pay attention to the turns it was making in case she was able to reach her cell phone or escape somehow. She assumed Marshall knew she was in trouble, but she knew that since they'd smashed the bug, he had no way of tracing her location.

She was trying to figure out a way to untie her hands, when the car stopped suddenly, slamming her against the back wall. She was dazed and trying to figure out if this was some sort of distraction she could use to her advantage, when the trunk suddenly opened and she blinked when she realized Marshall was standing there, reaching in to undo the ropes binding her and helping her out. As she tried to get her bearings, she spotted Nadia taking out the bad guys.


Marshall cut her off before she could get the question out. "I implanted a second transmitter in your shirt while you weren't paying attention," he told her, touching the button on her left cuff. "I figured it was a good backup and I didn't want you to know just in case something like this happened and they questioned you."

Veronica grinned. "Wow, you really are good," she said. "Thank you."